Chennai lad burns national flag and posts on FB

Chennai,Jan31(tamilnaducentral): A FB post of a Chennai lad burning the Indian national flag has spread like fire on WhatsApp in Tamil Nadu.

Dileepan Mahendran based in Chennai is a member of a group that follows Periyar’s teachings. The group had held a demonstration in Valluvar Kottam. They were protesting against the lack of action against those responsible for death of three Dalit girls in SVS College. They also protested against the delay in taking action on the HRD ministry for putting pressure on the Hyderabad VC to remove the student from the hostel and the subsequent suicide. Police had arrested the protesters and left them later. Dileepan had posted his photo of participation in the protest. Late Friday night, he posted the photos of him burning the Indian national flag. This went viral by Saturday evening. Abuses are pouring in from many quarters on various platforms.

People are also supporting him. Some have asked what this group did when Modi- Sania and bikini models insulted the Indian national flag. Balan Thozha’s post has an interesting viewpoint on this flag burning. He says that some may feel that what is so heroic about burning a national flag. He says that it is the start of a wildfire that will burn down the forest. It is a start of Tamil youths against the anti-Tamil Nadu stance of Indian Government. He says that the leaders are not in sync with the youths. He said that he and his friends ignited the feelings against the Sri Lanka government by burning the Lanka flag.

Balan says that it reminded him of ex-NSA Narayanan being slippered at a function in Chennai for his policies towards Sri Lanka. He said that like the protest against Lanka could not be controlled by the police who beat up the protesters. Tamil youths’ feeling towards the India Government cannot be broken up. Dileepan might be taken in under National Security Act but the fire cannot be doused, said Balan.

Online complaints and three petitions were recieved by Chennai police. Dileepan posted a selfie of him being arrested. Dileepan is a native of Nagapattinam and studied in an Engineering college. He works in Chennai.

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