Vaiko gives a jolt to DMK, AIADMK is happy

Chennai, Jan30(tamilnaducentral): DMK got a jolt seeing the crowds at People’s Welfare Alliance (PWA) conference in Madurai on January 26. AIADMK is mighty pleased as this shows that a repeat of the Lok Sabha poll results would take place.

Meanwhile, BJP hopes to have Vijayakant share the podium with Modi at the rally in Coimbatore on February 2. This again is good news for AIADMK. DMK and DMDK have lined up two party conferences in Kanchipuram with just a day’s gap. This again could be a show of strength.

With MDMK of Vaiko, CPI and CPM along with VCK as PWA partners, DMK never expected that the Madurai meeting would get crowds. However the lakhs of party men turning up has given a jolt to DMK. Sources say that Vaiko, Thol Thirumavalavan and two Left parties leaders left no stone unturned to activate the cadres. This in turn resulted in a great turnout for the meet named as alternative Government.

The PWA contention is that DMK and AIADMK have taking turns in running the State and both have been plundering it. A clean Government can be given by only those who are corruption free.

DMK was caught off guard as there was no Vijayakant or G K Vasan to address the crowd. Without any crowd pullers, PWA conference has sent signals that anti-Jayalalithaa votes are moving in a sizeable manner to this front.

AIADMK is mighty pleased. It signals that the anti incumbency vote which usually goes to DMK will now be split. With DMDK showing signs of joining BJP’s NDA, anti-Jayalalithaa votes would be further split. BJP is further trying to rope in PMK. It has given assurance that only it would lead the NDA and not Vijayakant. After the poll results, the CM candidate can be decided based on seats won by alliance partners. This,if matieralises ,would mean a repeat of Lok Sabha poll scenario. AIADMK swept all but two of the 40 seats.

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