Maoist plot to attack Kudankulam plant

Chennai,Dec31(tamilnaducentral):  Maoist plot to attack Kudankulam nuclear plant has come to light. The ‘Q’ branch of Tamil Nadu police got a tip-off that Maoist group from Jharkhand had reached the plant and tried to enter it posing as workers. As the identification papers were not in order, ‘Q’ branch had rejected them.

CISF who are in charge of the security had  questioned these youths after a few days later. Even after rejection, the youths were roaming around in the plant vicinity. This raised the suspicion of CISF. These youths were handed over to local police station. Local police left them off after questioning as they felt that these youths were mentally unstable.  The ‘Q’ branch got the alert of the Jharkand Maoist plan and CISF was informed. The Maoists had by then left the area. After this the security in and around the plant has been increased. Anti-nuke activists led by Udayakumar staged protests near the plant. The second phase of the N-reactor is soon to start work.

Police and CISF are a worried lot as most of the workers employed in the construction activity are from Jharkand and Bihar, both Maoist affected States. As local labour force is available, those who have taken the contract are bringing in youths from these States. These youths are given accommodation in the houses of the town. The economy of the villages around the plant is now linked to the migrant workers.

Maoist movement was cited in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Wayanad border saw Maoists  crossing to Kerala, purchasing provisions and having a meal at one of the houses of an Adivasi. After this vehicle checks have been intensified. Here again due to influx of tourists from North India, police is finding it a tough job. Thunder Bolt, the Kerala police squad has been put on high alert. A forest official was kidnapped by Maoists and left free.

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