Jai Ho Chennai

Chennai,Dec31(tamilnaducentral): Jai Ho Chennai. A city that is my place that I wish to die. Chennai a place that I came here two decades back carrying my son. A city that gave my wife a job and my son grew up in this city. When Chennai was in trouble , my son went with friends to flood affected areas for rescue work.

Similarly, many others moved on and made Chennai show that it will withstand any calamity, be it natural or man-made. Here it showed that no Government help is needed but only human affection. 2015 will be a year that the city will remember. Youth who flocked to save the flood affected victims. Facebook and Twitter friends who networked to help Army and Navy to rescue the people.

‘Chennaiye Meendu Vaa’ is a song produced by Rajalakshmi Films and Super TV specially dedicated to Chennai and its comeback. This song is composed by Mr. Pa.Vijay, music composed by Mr. Satyan Mahalingam and supported by Pattiyal Sekar. This special song is made even more special by the singers who have lent their voices to this cause. This beautiful and specially designed song is sung by 19 singers; Dir.Mysskin, T.L.Maharajan, Dr. Seergazhi Siva Chidambaram, Mano, Unni Krishnan, Tippu, Harini, Mukesh, Krish, Prasanna Rao, Priya Hemesh, Ananthu, Solar Sai, Anitha, Diwakar, Sam P Keerthan, Baby. Sudhantra and Satyan Mahalingam. The audio and video of this song was released and launched by actor Vishal on 29th December.
Each soul wishes for the recovery and powerful comeback of the city  after the unexpected natural calamity, which gave a huge blow to metro. As a step towards making this wish a reality, Super TV along with its associates have launched a mega campaign – CHENNAI 2016. Under this campaign we have distributed 15 trucks of relief items to Chennai, Cuddalore and Kanchipuram. Apart from this the main motive of this campaign is to provide the basic necessities of 2016 families, who have been affected by this flood.
CHENNAI 2016 comes to extend physical support to families by way of providing relief items, whereas Chennaiye Meendu Vaa gives moral support to people of city, reiterating the fact that we are always there to support them and it will come back with a big bang as usual.
Watch the music video of Jai Ho here:

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