After beep song it is poster outrage

Chennai, Dec30(tamilnaducentral): If beep song had women outfits up in arms, a movie poster of a Tamil film, Baby Doll has angered an outfit that protects men’s rights. The poster was plastered all over Chennai a few days ago. The poster was to announce the start of the film’s shooting.

The film poster shows the heroine sitting on the ground and drinking from a bottle and the hero gagged and sitting on a bench. The film has newcomer Manas and Harshika Dutt in the lead. India Men’s Protection Association president Tamilan who came to the support of Simbu in beep song has condemned it. He asks whether the woman organisations would accept a poster in which women were shown gagged and the man sitting on the ground and drinking. He says that women outfits would have cried foul and said that it was promoting rape and violence against women. ┬áThe outfit says that when men are at the receiving end, no one is bothered.

On the sidelines,the same outfit defended Simbu in the beep song. It said that Simbu through the beep song had advised jilted lovers to carry on with their life. The silenced words were left to one’s interpretation. As the court has given a repreive till January4, Simbu has evaded arrest. Anirudh is yet to come back to Chennai. The beep song issue has taken a backseat after Vijayakanth’s spitting on the media. It was followed by him asking DMDK men to tear up posters and any publicity material that features Jayalalithaa. Like Simbu, Vijayakanth has got a stay order on his arrest till next week.

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